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Foundation Waterproofing

A waterproof foundation is a smart way to prevent the nightmares associated with moisture accumulation. The team at Quality Waterproofing, LLC, has more than 10 years of experience providing area customers with reliable foundation waterproofing and has the skills to determine the best method for keeping your building strong and leak-free. While basement waterproofing methods tend to focus on removing water that has already made its way inside your building, foundation waterproofing works by directing runoff away from your foundation so that it never has the opportunity to seep in at the wall-slab join or other vulnerable spots. Customers who are looking for a waterproof foundation have several options available to them, including:

  • Dry wells
  • Exterior perimeter drains
  • Hydrophobic membranes
  • Underground downspout extensions
  • Exterior grading
  • And more!

The Quality Waterproofing team will begin by examining your property to determine the basement foundation waterproofing method(s) that best suits your needs. You can count on us to educate you on the pros and cons associated with each option. No matter which basement foundation waterproofing method you choose, we’ll make sure that you have all the information you need about the installation process and ongoing maintenance before we start breaking ground. The idea is not to provide you with a quick solution—we want to equip your building with long-lasting protection so that you can rest assured that your home or business remains structurally strong. A waterproof foundation promotes healthy living and working environments and makes the most of your building’s potential. Take the first step in defending your building against water: Contact us today. You’ll enjoy affordable prices, honest project assessments, and friendly customer service from our veteran-owned and -operated foundation waterproofing company.

Exterior Foundation Waterproofing

Exterior foundation waterproofing is often implemented during the initial construction process, but it is also available for existing buildings. Typically, exterior basement foundation waterproofing involves the installation of a hydrophobic shield between your foundation wall and the surrounding soil. This shield could come as a membrane, or it could be sprayed or rolled directly onto your foundation walls, sealing the naturally porous concrete. This shield prevents subterranean water that has gathered around your property from seeping into your structure via the foundation walls. The contractors at Quality Waterproofing, LLC, will work with precision to make sure that your hydrophobic protection is installed or applied properly, leaving no space vulnerable to water intrusion.

Interior Foundation Waterproofing

Interior foundation waterproofing refers to the application of waterproof paint and hydrophobic sealant to your foundation’s interior walls, preventing the intrusion of water from the outside while also producing an attractive, sleek finish. This foundation waterproofing method has proven very effective in preventing problems such as mold growth and efflorescence. Interior basement foundation waterproofing is often used in tandem with other methods to keep excess water outside, where it belongs!

Every property will require a slightly different approach to achieve a fully waterproof foundation, but you can trust Quality Waterproofing to accurately assess your situation and implement effective solutions. We use only the best excavation tools and techniques to ensure that your chosen installation does not leave permanent scars on your property, and we use only the best materials available in the industry today. Our foundation waterproofing professionals are prepared to handle jobs both big and small, so if you’re interested in exterior or interior protection, pick up the phone or e-mail us today for a free estimate.

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